Welcome to larickpenn!

Hi, I have started a blog to collect my academic and creative work, and to let friends know what I’m up to.


3 thoughts on “Welcome to larickpenn!

  1. Hello there, friend! My name is Nicole, and I’m in Professor Cavitch’s class on “Dangerous Writers.” I am truly sorry that you are not able to share in our class discussions, except online, through the blog (where valuable and creative work does seem to unfold, nonetheless). I just wanted to stop by to say that I read your most recent comment regarding your struggles on campus / with ignorance. I hope that I might have the opportunity to *actually* meet you one day; but for now, as I am unsure what to do, I wanted to send you a: ❤ . That's all really. And please, if I can ever be of help regarding advocacy or classes or life in general, I suppose, (though I certainly have much to learn) do feel free to shoot me an email at: sanic@sas.upenn.edu
    Take care, and thank you for sharing your strength.

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